What is Sak-Yant?

Brought from India by the Brahmins, Sak Yant is a mixture of Buddhism, Hindu deities and other from animism.

How does it work?

The tattoo is performed using a bamboo or metal needle. The student meets the tattoo master, following their exchange, he offers one or more suitable yants according to the student’s needs and his personal quest. Only dedicated the Masters can bless the tattoo.

Does it hurt?

Yes it hurts. But, less than a regular tattoo done with a machine. It is a different sensation much more calm and peaceful.

Deposit Policy

It is our policy to collect a deposit when booking an appointment.  We accept deposits via cash or credit card and the amount of the deposit required is decided upon by the individual artist. The deposit you leave will come off the final price of your tattoo.  Artists carefully schedule and book their appointments based on blocks of time.  If you do not show for your appointment, they often do not have adequate time to fill your vacancy and it hurts them. Deposits serve as a good faith gesture to hold your appointment and to compensate the artist if you failt to show for your appointment time.  Deposits are NEVER refundable.  If less than 24hours notice is given for a cancellation, you lose your deposit and must leave another deposit if you wish to reschedule.  If you cancel your appointment with more than 24 hours notice, you may apply your deposit towards your resheduled appointment. We NEVER under any circumstances will refund a deposit.  We are sorry if this policy causes any inconvenience but is necessary to protect the intrests of our artists.

Are there any special requirements to get tattooed?

Normally women shouldn’t get tattooed during their periods.

I have a tattoo that's really bad, can it be fixed?

Our artists can usually cover up or fix most tattoos-even really bad ones so you would never even know they were there. We are always honest though. If we don’t think it can be successfully covered we will let you know and work with you on what options you do have so you will ultimately be happy. We never do a tattoo just to make a buck. This is a really good group of artists who take tremendous pride in their work and art. Be assured that the artwork on your body and how you feel about it is a reflection on them – meaning your satisfaction is VERY important!

How long before I can get a tan and what kind of aftercare should I do?

Aftercare guidelines for tattooing are given to every client.

Personal projects

In Sak Yant these are pre-established patterns that can’t be modified.. however a Yant can be done around an existing tattoo as protection. In Ex.: around a children or spouse’ s name..

Is it safe?

Yes. We have euro standards in hygiena.