The Sak Yant Community of Lausanne and the Canton of Vaud (SYCLV) is a religious association headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland. It is founded in accordance with Article 60 and the Swiss Civil Code, and is recognized as an institution of public interest as defined Article 171 of the Constitution Vaudoise.


  • to contribute to the maintenance of the religious spirit and the spiritual life according to the principles of Sak Yant 
  • to safeguard and to defend Sak Yant interests
  • to ensure the celebration of worship, religious practices, religious instructions of Sak Yant
  • to create and support all social and religious institutions interesting Sak Yant
  • To promote SAK YANT – the Traditional Thai Tattoo culture worldwide
  • To organize and participate to international, inter-cultural and in inter-religious dialogue/exchanges (interfaith dialogue)


On demand


Sak Yant Embassy
c/o Juan Eduardo IBARRA
La Ruelle 14A

1304 Vufflens-la-Ville

+41 (0)79 834 16 40


Sak Yant Embassy
Ch. de Boston 3
1004 Lausanne

+41 (0)79 834 16 40

A few words from the president

It is with great pleasure that we welcome you on the website of SAK YANT EMBASSY.
The Sak Yant Community of Lausanne and the canton of Vaud (hereinafter “SakYantEmbassy”) is a worship association established in accordance with articles 60 and following of the Swiss civil code, recognized as an institution of public interest within the meaningof article 171 of the Constitution Vaudoise. Its seat is in Vufflens-la-Ville.
Our community is a traditional community historically based on Sak Yant rite all over Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Bali, with rich and diverse backgrounds and who is fully in line with traditional Sak Yant. She is committed to remain proudly loyal to the values and the precepts of Maya and Weetcha transmitted by different Ajarn from Thailand.
She welcomes warmly all people believing in Sak Yant, regardless of their sensitivity and level of their religious practice. Thus, it ensures the harmonious life of its members in a spirit of openness and love of the neighbour. She is acutely aware of the fundamental role played by the Sak Yant in the interest of the Sak Yant communities around the world and maintains his unbreakable bond through him to the promised land.
Strongly convinced of these values, the Ajarn must be an attendant. He passes his knowledge to his faithful, and helps them in all their religious efforts. He participated in the smooth running of the offices. He invests in the religious instruction of the Luksits – (students)His mindset is that of a unifier. He works closely with the co-chairs and members of the Committee, in order to improve the community by offering an authentic and enriching Sak Yant. Arjan helps those who sincerely wish to understand Sak Yant, so better to live.
The Arjan also guides those sincerely wishing to convert to better understand Sak Yant and live by its teachings. Aware of the esteemed position held by the SYCLV in the life of the Canton at large, the Arjan participates in the development of inter religious dialogue.
By visiting our website you will discover a large part of our community organization and once you are a member you can request a personal access code which will allow you to see every page of the site. We hope you enjoy it. We wish you a lot of fun to surf our site.

M. Fred TENGER – President of SakYantEmbassy




The Committee


Fred Tenger


Luna Sasitorn


Dawood Khan

Vice President

Juan Ibarra

The safety of our clients is of utmost importance at SakYantEmbassy. We ensure that all tattoo instruments and materials are either thrown away or sterilized in a high-pressure, high-temperature autoclave after each use.
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